Download NetGenie Signatures for Home-NG11EH and Office-NG11EO
Application Name Applicable Upgrade Download Upgrade File Size (bytes) Release Date Md5Sum
Anti Virus3.0.5413.0.541  930963
IPS / Application Guard2.0.1012.0.101  799530
Web Guard1.0.8541.0.854  510537
To verify whether the signature upgrade has been downloaded correctly, use the MD5 checksum verification utility. Verify the file size in Bytes and follow the below steps to verify the MD5 checksum.
1. Download Md5sum.exe and save it to C:\
2. Type c:\md5sum [firmaware name]
3. The md5sum program will calculate the MD5 checksum of the file and display it as an output.
4. Compare the MD5 checkksum with the one shown in the table next to the each release.
5. If the MD5checksum given in the table does not match with the downloaded MD5sum, then download the file again as explained in Step 1 and repeat the process. In case if the problem occurs again, contact NetGenie Support.